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Chapter 1: Real Estate Licensing 
Chapter 2: Commission Rules & Regulations

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Chapter 3: Agency, Brokerage, & Ethical Considerations
Chapter 5: What is Real Estate? 
Chapter 7: Ownership of Real Estate 
Chapter 8: Real Estate Taxes
Chapter 10: Listing Agreements
Chapter 11: Real Estate Contracts
Chapter 12: Leases, Landlord and Tenant
Chapter 13: Mortgages
Chapter 14: Mortgages: FHA, Conventional
& VA
Chapter 16: Appraisals
Chapter 17: Investment & Business Brokerage
Chapter 18: Sub-Divisions

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This is an excellent tool for any student hoping to gain a better understanding of each chapter's material. For a nominal fee, you are able to download any chapter you need and listen at your convenience!

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